Wedding Planner Tips: Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot: Tips from a Wedding Planner 

Bring multiple outfits/looks

  • Consider different types of clothing and shoes
  • You don’t have to stick to one look or color palette. Change it up!
  • Keep your location in mind (wearing snow boots and jackets to a beach shoot might not be the best idea, and vice versa.)

Props are great!

  • Signs
  • Blankets
  • Things that represent you as a couple (matching jerseys, cute hats, etc.)
  • Don’t forget your RING(S)!

Children and Pets Welcome

  • If you have children or pets (fur babies), they make great additions to engagement shoots!
  • There is nothing like including your family in a photo that you may want framed later!

Time of day/lighting is key!

  • If you are using an outdoor location, work with your photographer to determine the best time of day to get the look you’re going for.
    • If you are shooting at noon, you will have shadows across your brows, where as if you shoot early or later the lighting will be more even!
  • If you are using an indoor location, make sure the there is proper lighting or that your photographer can provide the proper equipment. It makes all the difference!

Consider multiple locations

  • You are not stuck using a single location for your shoot. Wander around where you are and get comfortable.
  • If you are not sold on a location, change it!
  • Brainstorm with your photographer and fiance to determine the best place (or places!) that represent you and will allow you to get the look you’re going for.
  • You don’t need a perfect location, just one that will look good as a backdrop for your photo. (Don’t worry if there is an unsightly area somewhere near you… use what you have available!)

Get inspired by others

  • If you absolutely love (or absolutely HATE) a certain pose, background, color filter, etc., let your photographer know in advance. It will help them get a better feel for your tastes and preferences.
  • Pinterest is a wonderful place to get ideas. BUT, I recommend narrowing down to about 10-15 poses that you love! Any more than that can be overwhelming. Plus, your photographer will likely have plenty of great ideas.

Be candid

  • Don’t be afraid to be silly and really interact with your partner. Some of the best photos aren’t staged but captured while two people are just being themselves.
  • Getting used to being photographed without being posed will help on your big day! Being in front of a camera ALL DAY is hard. But taking some time to experience it before the wedding will help you and your partner to be less stiff and more comfortable.

Pro Tip: Try out a makeup or hairstyle you’re considering for the wedding. This is the perfect time to see how it will photograph and if you really like how it turns out!

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer… but I am married to one, so there’s that. 


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